Job Description
Care Associate

Brief Description:

A Care Associate is responsible for providing quality lifestyle care for residents of a Dayton Lake group home and supportive services to the Host Family. This care includes delegated nursing care, which has been assigned by the Site Director, as well as various homemaker services. Prior to accepting client assignments both you and our site RN must be satisfied that you understand and are skilled in each delegated service that you will provide.

Specific Job Tasks

Delegated tasks may include:

A. Assisting with medication self-administration and medication administration;
B. Performing routine delegated medical or nursing procedures;
C. Assisting with body positioning or transfer of a client;
D. Feeding a client at risk of choking;
E. Assisting with bowel and bladder control, devices, and training programs;
F. Assisting with therapeutic or passive range of motion exercises;
G. Providing skin care, including full or partial baths and foot soaks;
H. Other delegated services not specified or listed;
I. During periods of serious disease or acute illness, providing the following services or assisting a client to:

 Other services may include but are not limited to:

A.  Emotional and cognitive support;
B.     Spiritual support including prayer and encouragement;
C.     Communication with clients and their significant contacts;
D.     Host Family / Site support such as:

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 Updated 8/10