Because we limit our size to only five residents and much of the supervision and care is provided by the Frank family we are able to provide our clients an average of 5 hours a day of direct contact compared to about 2.5 hours in a nursing home. Our rates are usually 5-10% lower than regional nursing homes and about 35-50% lower than metro nursing homes. Even though our rates are lower than a nursing home our services are more personal and surroundings more pleasant. We accept insurance, Medicaid,  Elderly Care Waiver payments, State and Federal grants, and private payments.

Our payment system, as established by the State of Minnesota for skilled nursing facilities, consists of 36 payment classifications based on the care needed by the resident. These classifications are referred to as the Minnesota RUG III Classification system and consist of three characters (i.e. DDF to SE3). The classifications are designed to more specifically measure the resources needed by our residents based upon seven groups of care: Extensive, Rehabilitation, Special, Complex, Impaired, Behavior and Physical. These care needs are identified by an assessment completed initially at admission. Additional assessments occur in January and July, upon significant change of condition and upon significant correction of a previous assessment. The RUG III Classification rates for nursing homes are adjusted annually by the State of Minnesota.

If paying for your care is a concern please talk with us. We have been able to provide grants and waivers for all of our clients who need assistance.

Hospitality House on Dayton Lake is a Christian nursing home alternative located in Fergus Falls Otter Tail County Minnesota. We provide care similar to a institutional nursing home at all levels from A through K, but we do this not in an institutional setting, but rather in a private residential surrounding. Why be confined to an institution when you could be living in a beautiful Minnesota lake home with friends?